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This situation provides a unique opportunity and challenge to create a modern state-of-the-art Armor and Cavalry Museum that captures a vision of excellence and relevance while preserving our cultural heritage. The entire Armor Collection will eventually be displayed in the National Armor and Cavalry Museum.
The museum will be a core component of the Maneuver Center of Excellence as both an educational resource and center for study of the history of the Mounted Force. It will also take a central role in supporting unit, organization, and Soldier history and heritage, and provide the public with a window to the Army--in particular, it's mounted warriors, their history, and their role in national development.  

While the museum will provide modern storage, maintenance, and exhibit capabilities for the more than 9000 micro artifacts and 380 macro artifacts in the Armor Collection, it will also provide resources in support of ongoing research and development of doctrine, policy and equipment.
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​In 2011, the Armor Center and School completed it's move from Fort Knox, KY, to Fort Benning, GA, to form the Maneuver Center of Excellence.  Included in that move was the Armor Collection, which was displayed at the Patton Museum.
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